Friday, July 10, 2009

Works at Home Data Entry Jobs- are They for Real?

If you ever came to the conclusion that over 90% of the work home data entry jobs advertised online are scams, then you've concluded right. Scammers prey on those who are vulnerable financially and want you to believe that for a certain price, you can sit back, relax, and make more money than the hard working middle class individual. How would you feel if after inquiring about employment positions at say Wal-mart, you we expected to pay a fee of $39.95 before being considered? If this sounds offensive, one would think the same attitude to be evident towards some of these sites with huge claim to fame promises and rags to rich stories. Unfortunately, we easily throw our money away with no questions or concerns of legitimacy. Here are some facts that will help you locate legit data entry gigs and keep your hard earned money in your pocket.

Are work from home data entry jobs real?

Yes they are real. They are rarely advertised because they are in extreme demand especially if the position is open everywhere across the country. Most people prelude that just because it's data entry, this means the job is easy and there are no skills needed besides a decent typing speed. Wrong! Employers who hire those to do data entry will need current software, typing speed and accuracy as well as other skills necessary to do the job. Skills that most people don't think about because they assume they possess it; like the ability to follow directions, checking over your work to ensure accuracy, researching information to make sure the work is correct and being able to organize your time effectively to make sure the project is completed.

If they are real, then why can't I find them?

Data entry jobs are hard to find because most employers don't post ads using this wording. Not only but most people think of data entry as just typing but that may not be only what the job entails. When searching for work home jobs if you put “data entry” in the search engine, you'll most likely get scams. But if you search for customer service, secretary, virtual assistant, office assistant, social marketer, clerical work, transcription, researcher, and so on, then you'll get better results. And all of these jobs involve some sort of data entry one way or the other.

They are also hard to find because it's rare that employers mass hire for home data entry workers. You'll find a work home customer service job that involves data entry faster than you'll find one that just deals with typing.

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