Friday, November 27, 2009

Online Data Entry Services – Get Profit on Data Entry Work

Offshore data entry provides consistent online data entry with high quality of result. We provides professional online data entry services and related services like data entry, data entry services, offline data entry, data conversion, data processing, image entry, image conversion services to our global clients. We provide high quality of online data entry services to individual, organization and companies at USA, UK, Canada and Europe.

Get 60% discount on your online data entry projects! We are leading data entry services provider keeps your day to day business updated and saves your precious manpower. We can deliver online data entry efficiently and speedily.

We provide online data entry work like:

• Online Data Entry of E-Books
• Online Data Entry and compilation from web site
• Online Business Card Data Entry into any Format
• Online Catalog Data Entry
• Online Form Processing & Submission
• Online Data Capture / Collection
• Online Data Entry from hardcopy/printed material into MS Office
• Strategic Online Data Entry into Software Program and application
• Online Data Entry for Mailing List / Mailing Label
• Online copying, pasting, editing, sorting, and indexing data in to any format

You can outsource online data entry requirement to us. It can save your time and money. It reduces capital cost of infrastructure. We used latest standard and latest technology for your online data entry requirements.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Expert reveals 'simple ways to improve data entry

Businesses can take simple and cost-effective steps to improve data entry techniques, it has been claimed.

Writing for Data Quality Pro, Dylan Jones commented: "One of the single biggest causes of data defects in any organisation is poor quality information entered at the start of the information chain via data entry interfaces."

Companies should, he noted, take a minimalist approach when it comes to forms as entering information is "time-consuming" and "dull" for consumers.

If data entry forms are stripped back to the bare essentials, both customers and workers will benefit, Mr Jones explained.

Businesses should also take a common sense approach and gather user feedback on their data entry processes, he added.

Speaking to recently, Bryn Davies, Director of InfoBlueprint, said many companies are keen to collect information about their customers, but treat the quality of it as a "secondary afterthought".

He added that data quality management is vital when it comes to customer retention.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Data entry scam may have spread across the country

VADODARA: The expanse of the data entry scam seems to be growing like a never-ending spiral. Investigations in the recent case have revealed that persons promising data entry work had spread their tentacles across the country without having enough work on hand.

The manhunt for Vijay Praneshwarrao Kutty and interrogation of Anand Rajendra Nigam who was arrested recently has led the police to a major racket spread throughout the country. The modus operandi of those involved in the racket too seems to be similar.

For instance, Kutty had promised work to persons in Mumbai, Vadodara, Hubli, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore. Interestingly, the police nabbed Kutty’s close aide Nigam, when he was about to collect deposits for promised work from persons in Hubli.

Nigam told Economic Offence Cell (EOC) officials of the crime branch here that a deposit of Rs 3,000 was collected from persons who wanted work. “The deposit was collected for work on one personal computer.

Hence if a person wanted to take up work for 100 computers, he would have to pay Rs 3 lakh. The complainant Keyur Patel had taken up work for 700 computers and paid Rs 21 lakh as deposit,” an EOC official said.

EOC police inspector N K Rathod who investigated the last data entry scam involving Bhupendra Vyas of Melfa Infosys said the likes of Kutty and Nigam had duped several persons across the country. “Many outsourced more work than they actually had, while many others were simply in the business of cheating people and did not have any work,” said Rathod.

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