Monday, December 28, 2009

Top quality Data Entry Services at very low costs!

Offshore Data Entry provides accurate and highly efficient data entry services. We can deliver efficient data entry services to small and large business. Our accurate, flexible and reliable data entry services solutions leave our clients with ample time to focus on their core business and grow their business.

Our reliable services will help out your management tensions and you will stand to profit in the long run. We provide data entry for sectors such as banks, marketing, logistics, insurance, educational institutions and various other organizations. Save up 60% on data entry services.

We provide cost effective, accurate and professional data entry services. We will provide unique data entry services as per your needs and expectations. We have resourceful and proficient data entry specialists who have several years of experience.

We also provide various types of data entry services like:

• Online Data Entry
• Offline Data Entry
• MS Access Data Entry
• Excel Data Entry
• XML Data Entry
• Web Data Entry
• Questionnaire Data Entry

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Data Entry Project - Captcha entry requirement (Night Shift)

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Tender Details:

Type :

Id :

Category : Data Entry

Title :
Captcha entry requirement (Night Shift)

Estimated Budget :
0.85 Cents per 1000 entries

Description :

We are an India based company looking for qualified service providers for our Captcha entry requirement (Night Shift). We want centers to do a minimum of 1000 entries per day. We require a minimum of 15 seats for this Requirement.

Our estimated budget is upto 0.85 cents per 1000 entries and will be paid on every 2 days via PayPal. Interested service providers are requested to contact us as soon as possible with their profiles.

Country : India

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Data Entry Tender - USA Requirement for Document Scanning

Looking to work on Data Entry Tender? Find here new projects everyday. is the easiest way to find right partners across the world.

Tender Details:

Type : Tender

Id : 15701067

Category : Data Entry

Title : USA Requirement for Document Scanning

Estimated Budget : Looking for proposals

Description :

We are USA based organization looking for qualified and experienced service provider for our requirement of Scanning Services.

[A] Scope of Service:
(1) We will send documents at our own expenses to service provider at their premises.
(2) Service provider needs to scan and verify the documents. Size of the documents can be very.
(3) Service provider needs to capture a front and back digital image of each document within a document set.
(4) Service provider needs to save digital image as a TIF or JPG file on DVD.
(5) Once we will verify the DVD and check the data, service provider needs to destroy all hard copies of documents upon our approval.
[B] Work Performance: Performance of the work will be Offsite; Service provider can perform worn on their own premises.
[C] Eligibility: Onshore (USA Only), we are looking for service provider, who are either from USA or having their registered branch office or point of contact in USA.

We are looking for best proposals and payment terms are negotiable. Interested service providers are requested to submit proposals on or before January 10, 2010 via post, courier or hand delivery only. This tender is Onshore and Offsite. Provider may have to visit our location for meetings and briefings.

Country : United States

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Data Entry Services - Add value to the Services

Often business firms find it difficult to manage their huge data manipulation jobs and are compelled to outsource such jobs. In order to meet the deadlines in data entry jobs, the Business Processing Outsourcing (BPOs) units that are engaged in providing data entry services are offering their services in a fast, competitive and efficient manner. Quality in work is given top priority by these BPOs and to ensure this, they utilize the services of proofreaders who always double check the processed data for errors.

Data entry service providers also provide customized data entry services, suiting the requirements of client companies. Common data entry jobs being offered by BPOs include:

• Online data entry
• Offline data entry
• Data capture and conversion
• Document processing and management
• Medical data entry
• Insurance claim processing
• Census data entry

To cater to the increasing need of business firms to process their critical data as early as possible, most data entry firms have their own backup centers with sufficient employees. Most BPO firms operate round the clock to ensure that no work remains in pending state. The 24 hr operations of these firms also ensure that the daily requirements in critical data processing such as insurance claim processing are done in a timely manner.

Most BPOs, with the help of advanced IT equipments and professional data entry trainers, can instantly train employees for mission critical data entry services and thus are capable of providing quality services for both short term as well as long term data entry requirements of clients. The high quality training ensures that all their employees carry out the assigned jobs efficiently and accurately within the proposed time frame.

With the outsourcing of data entry services, most companies are able to concentrate on improving their core services and need only worry less about their daily clerical works. To add value to the services, excellent customer support is also provided by these data entry service providers. The quality data entry services provided by these firms help many corporate firms to stay competitive and profitable in the challenging business arena of today.

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