Saturday, November 22, 2008

Outsource Data Entry to Conserve Company Resources

As an owner of a company or a business, you want to save money as much as possible in order to profit more and let your company grow. Thanks to the internet, outsourcing your business process can be done in other countries where qualified and experienced computer operators are widely available at a very low cost.

Countries such as India, Philippines, China and other developing countries are now accepting outsourcing as part of a very lucrative industry.

Data transcripton and management work is one such thing that businesses and companies today are outsourcing to lighten the heavy workload and also to do it more efficiently, faster, and more accurate.

First of all, before you consider this option, you have to know what tasks we are talking about. Data conversion, image and document processing, image enhancement, catalog processing services, photo manipulation services and others are all tasks that can and are routinely outsourced.

Data entry is a constant need for organizations or companies that need to document its daily activities. You should consider outsourcing this type of work to other companies abroad that offer quality data management services at a very affordable price.

There are a lot of benefits that you can take advantage of if you outsource your data management jobs. One is that you will be able to have the work completed at a very affordable price; two is that you will be able to get it done professionally by competent people; and three is that you will be getting rid of this extra work in your company. Meaning that you will be effectively separating your company's work into manageable pieces.

Data entry is often used in medical billing and transcribing. It can be done by freelancers or an outsourcing company from other parts of the world. Over the past two decades, data specialist companies and freelancers have been doing this work.

While it is true that data management jobs can be done in-house, there are certain jobs that should be done by experts rather than your staff. If you need a particularly large job in data outsourcing, it would take a lot of time and will require overtime for your staff if you do it in-house. However, if you outsource it, your company will function more normally and focus on more important work in your business.

So, if you have a time-consuming and expensive data creation and management jobs that your company needs to finish, you can consider outsourcing the work to freelancers or companies that accept outsourced jobs. For example, catalog management can prove to be very time consuming and expensive. This will involve handling and maintaining paper catalogs. By outsourcing it, you will save a lot of money and still have time for your company's top priorities.

Data entry outsourcing will certainly change the way you run your company. It will let you save a lot of money, get the job done professionally, and it will allow you to effectively manage your company's priorities and workloads.

Always remember that before you hire a company or a freelancer to create of manage your data, you should first check the quality of their work and their work experience. It is recommended that they have practical experience completing the jobs you will be outsourcing.

Author: Ray La Foy

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Data Entry Project - Ongoing 24/7 Captcha Entry Requirement

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Project Details:

Type : Project

Id : 11439622

Category : Data Entry

Title : Ongoing 24/7 Captcha Entry Requirement

Estimated Budget : 1.05 USD to 1.35 USD per 1000 Captcha

Description :

We are Bangladesh based looking for service provider for ongoing Captcha Entry work. We need Teams who can work 24 hours and provide approximate 5k entries per day per seat. Our budget is from 1.05 to 1.35 USD (Depends upon Captcha completed per day per seat & ID) per 1000 entries will be paid via PayPal on Weekly basis. Interested service providers are requested to contact with their profiles.

ID Rate
1 - 5 IDs Rate is 1.05
6 - 10 IDs Rate is 1.10
11 - 20 IDs Rate is 1.15
21 - 40 IDs Rate is 1.20
41 - 60 IDs Rate is 1.25
61 - 100 IDs Rate is 1.30
100+ IDs Rate is 1.35

Country : Bangladesh

Status : Closed

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Data Entry Project - Online Data Capture Requirement

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Project Details:

Type : Project

Id : 56970012

Category : Data Entry

Title : Online Data Capture Requirement

Estimated Budget : 2400 USD

Description :

We are US based company looking for service provider for an online data capture requirement. We need service providers to capture alfanumeric information’s from tiff images and apply to Microsoft database. The volume would be 1.2 million images with estimated keystrokes every 2 images. The turn around time is 45 days. Our budget is approximately 2400 USD will be paid via pay pal on weekly basis. Interested service providers are requested to contact us as soon as possible.

Country :United States

Status : Closed

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Data Entry Services : What Are The Four ‘I's

Data entry services cover a broad range of work at home tasks. That's what makes them a natural for stay at home workers. The benefits fall into four major categories.

Data entry services are a great field to choose over your present boring job. If you've ever thought about quitting a job that doesn't fulfill your need for any of the following characteristics, you should consider moving to a job that provides good income, keeps your interest sparked, allows you to use your imagination and rewards your imperturbability--data entry at home is the ideal choice. Data entry work does all these things and even more. The major advantage to data entry work from home is that it allows you to be at home and enjoy the type of life style that is more appealing to your own personality.


Data entry services provide adequate full or part time income. You can set the level of income according to the hours of effort you put into the work and according to your skill and pay level in the type of work you do. If you want more income, you merely add an extra data entry project or two to your daily schedule. If you choose your jobs carefully, you will find that your pay rate goes up because you gain a reputation for your accurate and timely completion of previous projects. With expertise comes higher wages.


The type of data entry services that you choose to complete will vary according to your own interests and talents. For example, if you don't care to create new articles or web pages as part of your data entry projects, you can still do editing and review of the work of others. Perhaps you would be good at doing audio transcriptions of radio programs, teleconference calls and other audio material. Ordinary secretarial or clerical processes that are being contracted out to home data entry workers are another type of interesting work. If you prefer the more repetitive work, you can create data base entries from handwritten forms.


You can make use of a good imagination if you do the type of data entry services that creates slogans, or short advertising entries. Another type of data entry that makes use of imagination is writing short informational articles in an interesting and readable format. These articles appear in articles directories and on web pages. Information on almost every article can be found on the internet nowadays and each of these articles was completed by an author who knows something about the subject and can express it in an interesting and informative manner.


One of the more difficult aspects of relying upon data entry services to provide a steady income from your home is the fact that you must be a self-starter and can't put off deadlines without losing clients quickly. The data entry must be completed accurately as agreed and within the time frame specified by the client. Part of responsible work performance is learning to recognize the amount of time a particular project is likely to take and to complete the work within that agreed upon time period. It is important to not sign on for work which is too complex or too extensive for you.

Choosing the right services is always much easier when you are acquainted with a resource site like Data Entry Services or Data Entry. You can't go wrong when you take advantage of the possibilities at this web site.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Data Entry Tender - Digitization of Documents & Data Entry Services

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Tender Details:

Type : Tender

Id : 16740684

Category : Data Entry

Title : Digitization of Documents & Data Entry Services

Estimated Budget : 40000000 to 50000000 EURO

Total Requirement : Contract for 48 Months

Description :

We are UK based organization. We are looking for a service provider for our requirement of Digitization of documents and Data Entry Services. We have some historical documents needed to be digitized in proper manner. The contract will be for 48 months. Our estimated budget for this services is 40000000 to 50000000EURO. We are looking to scan and transcribe a wide variety of historic documents and archive material in order to make them easily accessible to the public sector and the wider public.

Scope of services:

  1. Original material varies in size from A5 to A0 and above. However, the majority of material is foolscap or A3.
  2. We have various forms of copies of original material (e.g. micro film) which is often required to be digitised.
  3. The majority of copies are held on 35mm black-and-white roll film. Some copies are held as fiche or transparencies. The quality of original and copied material varies enormously.
  4. We require two files per record, one (higher resolution typically 300dpi TIFF) acts as a master and the other (lower resolution typically 150dpi JPEG) acts as the delivery image.
  5. Manual creation of electronic text from digital images.

This work is distributed in 4 lots.

  1. Digital image and metadata creation (at provider’s premises) from microform and original materials.
  2. Digital image and metadata creation (at our premises) from microform and rare and valuable materials.
  3. Manual creation of electronic text from digital images.
  4. Automated creation of electronic text from digital images.

Payment terms are negotiable. Interested providers can submit their proposal for one or more lots stated above. Providers needs to express their interest via e-mail to get the PQQ document. The last date of submission of PQQ document is 28th November 2008 via e-mail only. This tender is global. Some part of the work is Onsite and Offsite. Providers are encouraged to refer the tender document carefully before applying. For more details have a look on attachment.

Country :
United Kingdom

Status : Closed

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Data Entry Project - Ongoing Data Captcha Entry Work

Looking to work on Data Entry Project ? Find here new projects everyday. is the easiest way to find right partners across the world.

Project Details:

Type : Project

Id : 14987057

Category : Data Entry

Title : Ongoing Data Captcha Entry Work

Estimated Budget : 1 USD Per 1000 Entries

Total Requirement : Ongoing Requirement

Description :

We are India based looking for service provider for online captcha entry work with set up of 10-15 seats to work in night shift only. ( 7:30 PM to 7:30AM and 7:30 PM to 5:30 AM ) for our ongoing captcha entry requirement. Our budget is 1 USD Per 1000 valid entries will be paid by pay pal on weekly basis. Interested service providers are requested to contact us with their portfolio as soon as possible.

Country :India

Status : Closed

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Data Entry Jobs from Home What They Are How to Find Them

Perhaps you've worked for entirely too long at a job you dislike. Long commutes and office politics can cause burnout and leave you wondering if there's a better way. If you're tired of going to work each day and want a way to make money that offers amazing flexibility, then a career doing data entry from home may be for you.

Data entry jobs often entail the entry of various types of information via computer and at times, management of this information. Some other names you may hear for online data entry workers are online home typists, online word processors, information processing specialists and online transcribers.

Data entry from home may include the preparation of correspondence, reports, spreadsheets, lists, records and databases. At times, the work can become tedious and time-consuming. But if you're a good typist can accurately capture and record information in a time efficient manner, data entry from home may be a good choice for you.

The data entry jobs that offer the option of working from home often also offer flexible scheduling. It's likely that you will be able to work when you want, as little or as much as you want.

Below are profiles of some of the most popular jobs available for those who wish to do data entry from home.

Medical and Legal Transcription: Medical and/or legal transcription requires the entry of information as heard on an audio file. Basically, you will listen to a recording and type everything that you hear. There is specialized equipment available such as headphones and even foot pedals that can slow down or speed up what you're listening to, as well as training courses that can teach and certify you in these types of data entry jobs.

Medical Coding: Medical coding is another data entry from home job that you can do. Medical coders ensure the proper entry and management of sensitive medical data. There are correspondence courses that can teach you how to do this from home.

Litigation Coding: A growing category in data entry jobs, litigation coding involves the capture of information from scanned documents to assist legal professionals in not only storing their documents electronically but locating the documents using accurate search criteria.

Although the money you make doing data entry from home may fluctuate depending on factors such as the availability of work and how much work you perform, people doing online data entry jobs can make up to $60,000 per year. As stated before, this figure can vary widely based on a number of variables.

The first thing to do when considering doing data entry from home is research. Simply by performing an online search, you can find more information on data entry jobs and the companies that hire employees to work from home. It's also a good idea to search the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to make sure any company you are considering working for is legitimate and scam-free.

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