Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Image processing a booming market

Experts in the field of image processing, such as Siemens, Frost & Sullivan, the German Engineering Federation and people from the German Fraunhofer Allianz, all agree that there are very promising trends towards three- dimensional imaging, texture analysis, high-speed cameras, colour recognition and thermography.

Looking at the not-so-distant horizon, we will see the greatest amount of innovation in data processing, recognition software and optical resolution performance.

Image-processing applications already range from industrial uses and security systems to transport-ation and medical technology. Industry experts, however, agree that only about 20% of all possible applications have been addressed so far. Siemens ‘Pictures of the Future Fall 2006’ stresses that, according to estimates provided by a number of manufacturers, the worldwide market volume for machine vision systems currently amounts to about €6,5-billion, with annual growth rates extending into the double-digit range.

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