Monday, January 28, 2008

ExcelZone Compendium: Tips to manage and speed up data entry

Practical application: Using Excel as a controlled data collection mechanism

Previous Excel Zone articles such as the Advanced data entry tips digest have considered why Excel might not be the ideal application for heavy-duty data entry. Instead you can make use of Excel's ability to import, or link to, external data to use the source data directly. Although Excel doesn't possess the same tools to set up a user-friendly data entry form as a database might have, it does have a very useful data validation facility and there are several useful techniques for making it quicker and easier to get your data into Excel.

The Data-Form option

If you are working with a list of items, Excel versions up to 2003 have a Data-Form option which displays the existing data as a form and includes New, Delete and Find buttons. Excel 2007: Data-Form is not included in the standard Excel 2007 ribbon - well, I haven't found it yet - but can be added to the Quick Access Toolbar via Office Button-Excel Options-Customise-Choose commands from-Commands Not in the Ribbon.

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