Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Keyboard Saves Accountants Time

Accountants handling data entry have a new best friend: a keyboard with the tab key located to the right of the number pad, rather than clear across the keyboard.
Wayne Wilson understands an accountant's pain. He's worked for 33 years in data entry, including 21 as a CPA. Those years showed him how inefficient the regular keyboard setup is for accountants.

"When you are entering data, you type all the numbers with your right hand and then have to stop and use your left to hit the tab key," Wilson said. "It's completely inefficient."

He looked for two years for other keyboards with a different setup, but couldn't find any. That's when he decided to build and patent his own keyboard.

Wilson's R-Tab keyboard ( has the tab key on the right of the number pad, making it easier and more efficient for accountants to use.

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