Sunday, February 17, 2008

Data Entry Tender - Conversion, Scanning & Data Entry of Forms

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Tender Details:

Type : Tender

Id : 17311940

Category : Data Entry

Title : Conversion, Scanning & Data Entry of Forms

Estimated Budget : Need best quotations

Total Requirement : 1 crore Pages

Description :

We are government organization based in India. We have our offices at Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai & Chennai. We invite the reputed service providers for our work of digitization in these offices. Approximately 1crore pages to be digitized distributed in these offices as given below. We need providers for given below cities.

Delhi: 23.85 lacs pages & Kolkata: 42.45 lac pages
Mumbai: 7.55 lacs pages & Chennai: 23.30 lac pages

Details of Digitization Process:

  1. Digitization includes Preparation of documents to be scanned , Scanning, Conversion of all documents to PDF and TIFF, Abstract image to JPEG , OCR conversion , Data entry, cleaning and Verification of the digitized files and uploading these files to search & retrieval and EDP System in a Server.
  2. Convert the scanned image to tiff and then jpeg and then to PDF format.

    File formats:
    (A.) Tiff Group 4 – 300 dpi
    (B.) Gray scale Jpeg – 8 bits
    (C.) Color Jpeg – 24 bits

    Image Size:
    (A.) Black & White: 2048 X 1536 pixels
    (B.) Gray scale & color: 1024 X468 Pixels ( XVGA Size)

    PDF Format

    As per Adobe latest Standard/versions

  3. Convert the Abstract & Complete specifications into an editable format (text / Ms Word).

  4. Data Entry of title, name, application, applicant name, agent name etc…
The payment will be made on the actual work carried out at each location. Providers can apply for a single location. Interested providers need to apply on or before 5th March, 2008 by 5:00PM (IST). Providers from India need to apply. Work will be carried out at our premises. Price of the tender document is Rs.1000/- only. For more details have a look on attachment. No e-mails will be entertained.

Country : India

Status : Closed

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