Thursday, April 3, 2008

Data Entry Tender - Backfile Conversion & Digitization Work

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Tender Details:

Type : Tender

Id :20476723

Category : Internet Marketing,Data Entry

Title : Backfile Conversion & Digitization Work

Estimated Budget : Need best quotations

Total Requirement : Approximately 300000 Documents for Digitization

Description :

We are USA based organization looking for our requirement of digitization work. We have approximately 300000 microfiche from fiche to digitized images. The initial contract period will be for 12 months. We are looking for best quotations per unit from the experienced firms. The work must be completed by 31st December.
Scope of work:

  1. Average number of images per fiche is 15 for digitization.
  2. Provider will provide all the document preparation, scanning, data-entry, and transfer media production necessary to convert the files.
  3. All documents will be scanned to a format compatible with FileNet docuement imaging software.
  4. For all black and white images this shall be a 200 dpi CCITT Group IV TIFF image file.
  5. Provider needs to arrange the transportation of the documents at their responsibilities.
  6. Documents shall be scanned in a straight, neat, and responsible manner.

We have attached the pricing sheet in the tender document. Interested companies are requested to apply on or before 22nd April, 2008. For more details have a look on attachments.

Country : United States

Status : Closed

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