Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Data Entry Tender - Document Digitization Services

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Tender Details:

Type : Tender

Id :80083413

Category : Data Entry

Title : Document Digitization Services

Estimated Budget : Need Best Proposals

Total Requirement : Approximately 132 Million Pages for Digitization

Description :

We are USA based organization. We are looking for providers for requirement of Document Digitization. We are looking to digitize the entire collection of legacy materials. The estimated size of the collection is approximately 2.2 million documents, which equates to a total estimated page count of approximately 132 million pages. The provider shall provide, at a minimum, the uncompressed, unaltered TIFF files created as a result of the scanning process.

The provider shall ensure that each page is fully rendered, properly aligned, and free of any aliasing/distortions. This must include the following:
  1. Images shall open and display as did the original.
  2. Complete page content must be captured.
  3. Images are not skewed (unless they were skewed in the original document), out of focus or flawed.
  4. Image size, level of compression, page orientation, and image resolution are correct.
  5. Images are produced for every page.
  6. Page images have not been duplicated or skipped during the scanning process.
Payment will be on monthly basis. A pre-proposal conference (Optional) will be held on September 3rd, 2008 at 9:30am local time. Interested providers are requested to send their detailed proposal on or before 3:00 pm local time, September 19, 2008. For more details have a look on attachment.

Country : United States

Status : Closed

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