Friday, May 15, 2009

Data Entry Tender - Data Conversion Services

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Project Details:

Type : Tender

Id : 19931865

Category : Data Entry

Title : Data Conversion Services

Estimated Budget : 100000 GBP to 150000 GBP

Total Requirement : Contract for 12 Months

Description :

We are UK based library. We are looking for qualified and experienced service provider for our requirement of Data Conversion Services. We are looking to convert books and paper based records into digital format. The contract will be for 12 months. Our estimated budget for this work is 100000 GBP to 150000 GBP.
Scope of services:
  1. A color master image (24bit RGB, 300+ dpi).
  2. A cropped and rotated color master image.
  3. A composite text and image file with word searching and highlighting.
  4. An xml or xhtml file containing OCR outputs and text structure.
  5. A data file that links page and book metadata with the outputs above.
  6. The material will be from books mostly up to 230mm wide by 300mm high by 100mm thick.
  7. A quarter of the pages from some collections come from books between 100mm and 160mm thick.
  8. The smallest books will not be less than 75mm along either axis or less than 30 pages thick.
  9. The work will done onsite at our location.
Payment terms are negotiable. Interested service providers are requested to send their expression of interest on or before 12th June, 2009 by 17:00 via post, courier or hand delivered only. This tender is global and onsite. For more details have a look on attachment.

Country : United Kingdom

Status : Closed

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