Thursday, May 14, 2009

Data Entry Tender - Scanning & Data Entry Services

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Project Details:

Type : Tender

Id : 69564255

Category : Data Entry

Title : Scanning & Data Entry Services

Estimated Budget : 6500000 INR

Total Requirement : Contract for 2 Years

Description :

We are India (Mumbai) based company. We are looking for qualified and experienced service provider (From India Only) for our requirement of Scanning & Data Entry Services. We have approximately 2200000 forms for scanning. And average 421000 new forms are received on every year for scanning. These scanned images shall be delivered on DVDs. The contract will be for 2 Years. Our estimated budget is 6500000 INR.
Scope of services:
  1. Scanning of all old and new forms and supply the scanned copy in DVDs and also providing necessary retrieval software.
  2. First page of the forms will be scanned in gray scale/colored (100 DPI) and the remaining pages of documents will be scanned at 100 DPI, black and white.
  3. Data entry of the form data in our database i.e. serial no., telephone no., customer name.
  4. Capturing all pages in the image file (Multiple Page Tiff) or a jpg files /pdf and storing under a single file name.
  5. Retrieval software must provide zoom facility for images to view.
  6. Provider will arrange pick up and delivery of forms from our offices.
  7. The work will be done at our location and we will provide PC, Furniture and Power Supply.
Payment will be done on monthly basis. Interested service providers are requested to send their proposal on or before 2nd June, 2009 by 15:00 via post, courier or hand delivered only. Documents can be purchased till 28th May, 2009. The cost of the tender document is 1040 INR only. EMD (Refundable) of 130000 INR only is required. This tender is onshore and onsite. For more details have a look on attachment.

Country : India

Status : Closed

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