Thursday, June 11, 2009

Data Entry Tender - Data Entry of Survey Records

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Project Details:

Type : Tender

Id : 18554030

Category : Data Entry

Title : Data Entry of Survey Records

Estimated Budget : Request for Proposal

Description :

We are USA based organization. We are looking for qualified and experienced service providers for our requirement of Data Entry Services. We have approximately 30000 survey records. The provider will perform data entry and verification of these survey records. The work must be done before August 15, 2009.
Scope of services:
  1. The survey records will be delivered to the provider in hard copy or in scanned electronic images.
  2. Batch all the survey records in 30 groups on 1000 each.
  3. Scan 30 batches of surveys.
  4. Microsoft Access Database design and programming.
  5. Pilot test of data entry processing methods for 30 surveys.
  6. Re-key verification of hand scribed fields.
We have attached the survey sample record with the tender documetns. Payment terms are negotiable. Interested service providers are requested to send their proposal on or before 18th June, 2009 by 12:00 noon via post, courier or hand delivered only. This tender is global and offsite. Provider may have to visit our location for meetings and briefings. For more details have a look on attachment.

Country : United States

Status: Closed

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