Friday, July 17, 2009

Data Entry Project - Ongoing Captcha Entry requirement

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Project Details:

Type :Project

Id : 19600529

Category : Data Entry

Title : Ongoing Captcha Entry requirement

Estimated Budget : 0.80 USD per 1000 Entries

Total Requirement : Minimum 5 seats

Description :

We are an India based company looking for service providers for our ongoing Captcha entry requirement; we are looking for a minimum of a 5 seater center that can do Captcha entry for us, the volume of work on daily basis will be above 4000 entries. Our estimated budget is upto 0.80 USD per 1000 entries and will be paid via bank transfer after the work is completed. Interested service providers are requested to contact us as soon as possible with their profiles.

Country : India

Status: Closed

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