Thursday, August 6, 2009

Data Entry Tender - Data Entry Services, Photo Copy and Binding Work

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Project Details:

Type : Tender

Id : 12652009

Category : Data Entry

Title : Data Entry Services, Photo Copy and Binding Work

Estimated Budget : 262550 INR

Description :

We are Jaipur, India based organization looking for qualified and experienced service provider for our data entry requirement. Service provider needs to provide data entry services, photo copy & binding works. Our estimated budget for Data entry services is 210000 INR and for Photo Copy and Binding Work is 52550 INR.
Scope of Service:
  1. The data entry operator must be well qualified and well behaved, having good knowledge of typing in both Hindi & English and having mobile no.
  2. Estimated number of data entry operator to be supplied as per requirement.
  3. The service provider should have Xerox copy machine in his possession.
  4. Our period of contract is 1 year.
  5. Our premises in Jaipur will be the office for reporting.
  6. Details of Data Entry Work:
    Providing Data entry processing operator 3 Nos. 250/-(Per day Per operator) 210000
    Total 210000 INR
  7. Details of Photo Copy and Binding:
    a) Photostat on A-4 Size ( Map litho ordinary paper) 65000 Pages. 0.55/=( Per page) 35750
    b) Spiral binding including cover ( Sipco Comb binding) 100 Nos. 25/= (Per binding) 2500
    c) Binding of office vouchers etc. 250 Nos. 50/=(per binding) 12500
    d) Ordinary binding. 300 Nos. 6/= ( per binding) 1800
    Total 52550 INR
We are looking for the best proposals and payment terms are negotiable .This is an onshore and onsite tender. Cost of Tender document is 520 each for both the requirements. EMD is required of 5250 INR for Data entry Operator and 1314 for Photo Copy and Binding. Interested service providers are requested to contact no later than 11th August, 2009 up to 17:00 Hrs by courier, post. Service providers may have to visit our premises for meetings or briefings. Please review the attachment for more details.

Country : India

Status: Closed

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