Friday, August 21, 2009

Data Entry Tender - Scanning and Indexing of Books of Deeds and Mortgages

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Project Details:

Type : Tender

Id : 51727389

Category : Data Entry

Title : Scanning and Indexing of Books of Deeds and Mortgages

Estimated Budget : Looking For Best Proposals

Description :

We are a USA based organization, looking for qualified and experienced service provider (From USA Only) for Scanning and Indexing services. We are responsible for preserving and safekeeping land and other records and we need various scanning and indexing services for approximately large bound Index Books for Deeds and Mortgages. All the scanning & indexing must be completed within 3 months.
Scope of Services:
  1. Volume: There would be an approximate of 31 large, bound Index books containing various pages.
  2. Service Provider needs to scan each paper page from the Index books in TIFF format.
  3. Service Provider must guarantee 99.5% accuracy in the indexing, or keying, of all indexed information and reports must be provided with each imaged book as to the number of pages, index lines and total keystrokes contained in each file or book with the book number and total number of pages in each book.
  4. Each digitized image and index file will be reviewed by us and service provider needs to make adjustments required to improve image quality.
  5. The image polarity should be positive, with black letters on white background.
  6. Due to the daily use of the books being scanned and to minimize the downtime and disruption all on-site scanning must be completed within One (1) week.
  7. Service Provider must guarantee 100% image capture through rescans and additional onsite visits to correct any poor quality images or missed documents at no additional cost to the Clerk for a period of 365 days after completion of initial project.
We are looking for best proposals and payment terms are negotiable. Interested service providers are requested to contact us on or before September 8, 2009 by 16:30 Hrs via post, courier or hand delivery only. Mandatory Pre-bid visit must be schedule prior to August 28, 2009. This tender is Onshore and Onsite. Provider may have to visit our location for meetings and briefings.

Country : United States

Status : Closed

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We can do fast work and at cheap rate.

If u have this type of work please mail sample of work and rate for the work

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