Thursday, September 3, 2009

Are All Data Entry Jobs a Scam?

Myths and Facts About This Kind of Work

Whenever somebody uses a search engine like Google to look for data entry jobs the first few pages will be filled with ads claiming that anyone can do this work and make piles of money. The claims are so unbelievable it should be the first tip-off that these companies probably won't deliver what they promise.

The second red flag is the small registration fee, which they say is to cover the expenses of running the business and of course to ensure you are serious about doing the work. Before sending hard earned cash away to these companies, stop and think.
How Would You Know if a Data Entry Job Is Fake?

The first thing that should alert anyone that this is a scam is the registration fee that is required before a worker can begin. They should be paying the workers and not the other way around. Pay close attention to the layout of the website. If there are big pictures of dollar notes, fancy cars and other expensive items then proceed with caution. A real data entry company will never look like this.

Secondly, check with the Better Business Bureau and see if there are any complaints against the company. As good and as real as it might seem research is still necessary. No company anywhere in the world will pay somebody thousands of dollars a week to type and to copy/paste content. Jobs that are this profitable so quickly simply do not exist either in the real world or in cyberspace.

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