Friday, September 11, 2009

Data Entry Tender- Data Entry & Report Generation Work

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Tender Details:

Type :

Id : 12423685

Category : Data Entry

Title : Data Entry & Report Generation Work

Estimated Budget : 1280000 INR

Description :
We are Uttar Pradesh; India based organization looking for qualified and experienced service provider (Only from India) for our requirement of Data Entry and Report Generation Work. Our estimated budget is 1280000 INR. This is Onshore and Onsite tender.
Scope of service:
1) Data Feeding of customers data, processing and printing of reports, reports generation work.
2) Data Entry of all reports in pay section (BRS, Cash flow, Expenditure statement, trial balance, etc.)
3) Data Entry of Planning section (Expenditure detail, project estimate etc.)
4) Data Entry of Material Management Section (Store receipt, store issue etc.)
5) Typing and Printing of letter and charts.
Cost of tender form is 562 INR. Tender forms will be available till 16th September, 2009. Payment terms are negotiable interested service providers are requested to submit tender forms no later than 17th September, 2009 up to 14:30 Hrs via post, currier or hand delivery only.

Country : India

Status: Closed

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