Friday, September 25, 2009

Data Entry Tender - Microfilming Duplication, Scanning & Indexing

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Tender Details:

Type :

Id : 13854597

Category : Data Entry

Title : Microfilming Duplication, Scanning & Indexing

Estimated Budget : Looking for the proposals

Total Requirement : Contract of 1 Year

Description :
We are Hawaii; USA based organization looking for experienced and qualified service provider (From USA Only) for our requirement of Microfilming, Scanning and Indexing Service. Contract will be for 1 year.
Scope of Service:
1 ) Preference will be given to service providers from Hawaii.
2 ) Service provider needs to collect microfilms and necessary documents from our office and submit after the completion of work.
3 ) All the microfilms and documents must be kept in secured place.
4 ) Service provider needs to provide duplication service for microfilms. Service provider needs to collect microfilms from our office, and provide several duplicate copies as per the requirement in RFP document. Approximate volume of the work will be 2279000 frames.
5 ) Service provider needs to scan hard copies provided by us in TIFF format.
We are looking for the best proposals and payment terms are negotiable. Interested service providers are requested to submit proposals on or before 14:00 Hrs October 6, 2009 via post, currier or hand delivery only. Last data for Question-Answer is September 29, 2009. This tender is Onshore and Offsite. Provider may have to visit our location for meetings and briefings.

Country : United States

Status: Closed

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