Friday, October 9, 2009

Data Entry Tender- Digitization, Scanning and Lamination of Drawings

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Tender Details:

Type :

Id : 15132871

Category : CAD / CAM,Data Entry

Title : Digitization, Scanning and Lamination of Drawings

Estimated Budget : 1210500 INR

Description :
We are Bihar,India based organization, inviting tenders from qualified and experienced service provider (From India Only) for Digitization, Scanning and Lamination of Drawings. The duration of contract shall be 12 months reckoned from the date of handover of site. Our Estimated budget for this work is 1210500 INR.
Scope of Work:
  1. Service Provider shall digitize available old tracings/ hand sketched drawings as per instructions of Engineer-in-Charge and submit one print on hard copy for checking. After approval of the same from concerned officer / Engineer-in-Charge (EIC), the final print on hard copy as well as tracing paper shall be submitted.
  2. Service Provider shall carry out the laminations of the existing drawings in coordination with Electrical testing and submit them in spirally bonded files.
  3. Scanning of drawings and documents shall be carried out as follows:
    a) Visit to collect the original drawings and documents from site as per requirement and instruction of EIC.
    b) Scanning of all the documents in PDF format.
    c) Only one PDF file shall be generated for each document folder/manual and shall be named as per original document.
    d) Pages in PDF files must appear in order of their occurrence in physical document folder/manual.
    e) All the chapters & their sub-chapters of every document folder / manual must be bookmarked, as in the index of the physical document folder/manual.
    f) Bookmarks to be hyperlinked to their respective page numbers in soft copy of every document folder/manual, to enable the user to directly reach the desired chapter/sub-chapter by merely clicking on the bookmark.
    g) Return of all the original documents within short time as per instruction of EIC.
    h) Regular coordination with our nominated engineers.
    i) Supply of two sets of soft copies (in CDs).
  4. The job shall include supply of all labour, consumables, tools, cartridge tape, equipments etc as per direction of Engineer-in-charge.
  5. Set-up of working Station at site:
    a) Depute at least 2 nos. skilled operators at workstation.
    b) Provide two nos. computers with necessary softwares.
    c) Sufficient nos. of scanners (at least two) according to quantum of job.
    d) Necessary unfurnished office equipment to complete the above work.
We are looking for Best Proposals. Last date for sale of tender document (costing 1000 INR) is October 15, 2009 by 17:00 Hrs. Interested Service Provider can send their responses to this tender on or before October 16, 2009 by 15:00 Hrs on given address. This Tender is Onshore and Onsite. EMD, for this tender is 13000 INR.

Country : India

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