Friday, October 23, 2009

Small BPOs share the pie with biggies

MUMBAI: There is a ecosystem developing in the Indian BPO industry. Large BPO companies in India are enabling smaller BPO companies to get

Big companies want to offload data entry and seasonal work to smaller players. As a result several small companies have cropped up in the outskirts of BPO towns like Chennai, Hyderabad, Noida and Gurgaon.

Chennai-based E Edit Solutions, a BPO in e-publishing space, outsources basic composition work and XML coding work to multiple vendors. R Sundaresh, director, E-Edit, says, the low end work involves conversion of content from paper to digital or in some cases even pure data entry, this can be outsourced to smaller players. The final value addition of the content is then done by the company before its sent to the client.

Small BPO companies like Chennai-based Selvam & Selvam, specialise in IPR related work. Roger Parker of Selvam & Selvam, says, Our firm does sub-contracting work with several BPO firms in India. Selvam and Selvam may not get work directly because it does not have presence in US . US clients want a US company as they can’t sue an Indian company if something goes wrong.

Mr Parker says that they charge between $60-110 depending upon if its a junior lawyer or a senior attorney involved in executing the work. The company employs 58 lawyers, of which 10 are for para legal work.

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