Friday, January 11, 2008

Data Entry Project - Special Airmail Security Envelopes Need to be hand written.

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Project Details:

Type : Project

Id : 13206454

Category :Handwriting Services,Data Entry

Title : Special Airmail Security Envelopes Need to be hand written.

Total Requirement : Max 1 day per 1000 pieces

Description : We are a USA based Company. We are looking for a service provider who can help us in our requirement for Handwriting Services. We need mailing address info to be hand written on special airmail security envelopes. These envelopes must be either produced by provider or acquired by the provider. A photo of what envelope should look like can be provided. These envelopes must be stuffed with a single page letter, which the provider must print using a laser printer only and not by a print shop. The letter must be signed with a signature in cursive hand writing and folded according to our specifications, photo of which will be provided. This will be an ongoing monthly project with an initial volume of 6000+ pieces, which will steadily increase every month. We need to be quoted a price per piece, which must include the price of the envelopes, letters, and handwriting services. Up front payment for procurement of envelopes and letters can be discussed. Calls will not be entertained.Interested Service Provider are requested to contact us as soon as possible.

Budget Estimate : Need to be quoted a price per piece.

Country : United States

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