Thursday, January 10, 2008

Data Entry Tender - Booklet Printing & Binding

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Tender Details:

Type : Tender

Id : 11350520

Category : DTP, Typesetting,Data Entry

Title : Booklet Printing & Binding

Description :

We are Ireland based authority would like to invite proposals for the printing of the guidance booklet as detailed below. The booklet will be provided to end-users in English and Irish languages in the quantities specified below. Print content will be provided with the required files via one of our agency.
A. Printing and binding of the booklet as specified below:

  1. 12 page A5
  2. 2 staple saddle stitche
  3. Full colour
  4. 125gsm paper with gloss finish

B. Printing of 200 booklet dispensers which is capable of holding multiple copies of the booklets on a desk, the exact number of which is to be specified.

C. Printing and binding of 12 page A5, 2 staple saddle stitched, full colour on environmentally friendly/ recyclable paper.

D. The following quantities are required: English language: 830,000, Irish Language: 60,000.

The proposal should include:

  • A brief background to the company
  • The supplier will be required to submit a current Tax Clearance Certificate before signing contracts.
  • Detail of similar projects carried out by the company
  • Details of delivery arrangements to 4 specified locations in Dublin and 3 specified locations in Belfast. The number and type of booklets to be distributed shall be provided at a later date.
  • Detailed quotation of all costs associated with the project. All costs must be inclusive of VAT. The maximum cost including VAT shall not exceed EURO 110,000.
  • Tenders should also separately tender option in respect of the supply of print on environmentally friendly/ recyclable paper.
  • A commitment to be able to deliver the print material to the specified locations in Dublin within 3 week period of taking delivery of the soft copy of the material to be printed.

We are attaching the brief details that will help you for the Tender Application. The closing date of the Tender is 15/1/2008.

Interested Companies are requested to apply before the Deadline.

Budget Estimate :Look for Best Proposal

Country : Ireland

Status : Closed

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