Sunday, February 3, 2008

How heavily do you depend on MS Word?

BRAVO BILL Gates and wonderful Microsoft, which gave us a word processing tool called MS Word and made our lives easier! Millions of people using MS Word around the globe are in a way getting addicted with this word processing application. I have heard people saying, “Oh! Your personal computer does not have Word? How do you work?”

Gates would be happy hearing and reading such statement every time it appears in different forms. Such is the dependence on MS Word that it has come to rule our life where documentation is concerned. In reality, the features and workability are very easy in this application, and you can be your self-tutor, learning this application, if in case you have not used it before. But I am really afraid to say that you are not one of the word users. In any case, you might be using any other word application software for word processing. I do not know how dependent you are on that software for accuracy and precision so far as writing, spelling and grammar check are concerned.

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