Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Data Entry Tender - Processing and Conversion of Scanned Images of Documents to Coded Data

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Tender Details:

Type : Tender

Id : 16680031

Category : Data Entry

Title : Processing and Conversion of Scanned Images of Documents to Coded Data

Estimated Budget : Seeking For Best Proposal

Total Requirement : 3120000(three million one hundred twenty thousand) pages per yearly conversion

Description :

A Netherland based contracting authority is seeking tenders for the provision of processing and conversion of scanned images of documents to coded data. Scanned images to be processed are contained in selected authority and general administration documents, letters and forms. The information in the scanned images is not open to the public and may not be disclosed or used for any other purposes than the ones defined in the contract.

Main processing work steps shall be:
  1. Scanning of paper documents and creation of facsimile files;
  2. Transferring/Copying documents from electronic facsimiles (bitmaps) that are already scanned and delivered by the authority onto data carriers, dedicated servers or making the documents available online;
  3. Processing the electronic facsimile files into text and image segments;
  4. Text capture from the documents using OCR and/or ICR ("Intelligent Character Recognition") technique;
  5. Upgrading the output of the OCR and/or ICR system to the authority quality level by manual character capture;
  6. Proof-reading of texts captured;
  7. Converting data from PDF files, text processor or XML to the format specified by the authority;
  8. XML tagging, mark-up and parsing of texts;
  9. Processing the extracted images and drawings and inserting the corresponding XML mark-ups in the text;
  10. Using the XML marked up text and the image data for final document composition (formatting) to create documents in PDF and other formats specified by the authority;
  11. Indexing;

    • Storing of text and image data on data carriers;
    • On-line delivery of the deliverables/batches to a dedicated server. The work shall be performed at the contractor\\\'s site provided that he meets the security and other authority requirements specified in the Procurement Documents.
The above work will be divided into two lot which would be awarded together. The total volume of work will be 3120000(three million one hundred twenty thousand) pages per yearly conversion and the payment will be made monthly following acceptance of each delivered batch of coded data. The whole contracting work will be of 1 year which could be extended up to 1 year based upon the work and the closing data to send the request is 27/3/2008 so interested companies are requested to send their proposal before the deadline. For more details do refer to the terms and conditions as attached in the Doc file.

Note:-All the request should be sent through FAX only and no emails request would be entertained.

Country : Netherlands

Status : Closed

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