Monday, May 26, 2008

Data Entry Tender - Data Capture and Digitization (Scanning)

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Tender Details:

Type : Tender

Id : 45636726

Category : Data Entry

Title : Data Capture and Digitization (Scanning)

Estimated Budget : Between 14000000 and 16000000 GBP

Total Requirement : Contract for 6 Month

Description :

We are UK based organization looking for Service Providers for our Data Capture and Digitization Services. The proposed service will be for the scanning of existing paper based mapping and documental records. We need subsequent cropping and geo-referencing of the scanned mapping and the digitization of boundary records contained on the scanned imagery in Master Map. The data will be scanned and digitized according to guidelines set out by organization in the specification.

However, there will be a degree of flexibility and the Organization will look to work with the supplier to identify the most efficient way of delivering the service.

The Contractor shall digitize the plans in Map Info format and form a set of layers represented in the list above and one layer for each entry including the details for each layer.

Cropping will involve removing detail not required from an image. We will provide rules and guidelines within the specification.

The Organization will make the plans and data available, in batches, on request from the Contractor. The plans and data will be available immediately and documents must be returned to the organization undamaged within a limited timescale.

The following is a list of the information the organization has to be scanned and digitized under this contract:-

A. 1:2,500 plans,
B. 1:10,000 plans,
C. Adoption notices,
D. Section 38 Agreements,
E. Section 278,
F. Road Improvement Documents
G. Land Acquisition
H. Bypasses,
I. Dedications,
J. Stopping-up Orders
K. Common Land,
L. Village Green,
M. Redundant Common Land and Village Green,
N. Schedule of Alterations.

The initial volume will be in excess of 1000 documents to be scanned, cropped and Geo-referenced.

We have attached the document that will help you for the Tender Application. The Closing date for the Tender is 6/16/2008.

Interested Service Providers are requested to apply for the Tender before the DEADINE.

Country : United Kingdom

Status : Closed

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